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Balseros (2002). Produced by Danielle Schleif, Loris Moedes, Maria Jose Solera, and Tom Roca; directed by Josep Maria Domenech and Carles Bosch; 2 hours.

  • Summary: A documentary about a group of Cuban refugees who fled to Florida on rafts (NOTE: "balseros" is a Cuban slang word for "rafters") in 1994. Domenech and Bosch follow the experiences of a handful of these men and women.

Choosing Absalon (2009). Produced by Vicki Nantz and Mary Meeks; directed by Vicki Nantz; 27 minutes.

  • Summary: A short documentary that looks at a same-sex couple's inability to remain together in Florida.

Displaced in the New South (1995). Produced in association with Georgia Public Television; produced and directed by David Zeiger and Eric Mofford; 57 mins.

  • Summary: This documentary describes Latino and Asian immigrant difficulties and successes in establishing themselves in the region during the 1980s.

Laviche A Crisisfor the Poor in Haiti (2007). Produced and directed by Jean-Rene Rinvil; 28 mins.

  • Summary: A short documentary looking at Haitians in Haiti and in immigration prisons located in Florida.

Living in America: A Hundred Years of Ybor City (1989). Produced by Gayla Jamison; 53 mins.

  • Summary: This older documentary explores the history of Cuban, Spanish, and Italian immigrants who worked in Florida's cigar industry.

Mississippi Chicken (2007). Produced by John Fiege, Anita Grabowski, Dustin D. McCartney, Jeffrey R. Cole, and Kathryn Nowlin; directed by John Fiege; 82 mins.

  • This documentary looks at the experiences of Latin American immigrants who work in the poultry industry in Mississippi.

Rain in a Dry Land (2007). Produced by Anne Makepeace Productions Inc., and Independent Television Service ITVS, in association with American Documentary POV and the Center for Independent Documentary; directed by Anne Makepease; 1 hour 23 mins.

  • Summary: This documentary looks at the experiences of two Somali Bantu refugee families who are living in Springfield, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia.


Mississippi Masala (1992). Produced by Black River Productions, Channel Four Films, Cinecom Pictures, Mirabai Films, Movie Works, and Studio Canal Souss; directed by Mira Lair; 118 mins.

  • Summary: Tells the story of an Indian family who moves to Mississippi after being expelled by General Idi Amin in Uganda. Daughter Meena falls in love with Demetrius, who is African American, and the couple struggles with the attitudes and beliefs of their families and local society.


Bizarre Foods America: The Blues Trail (2012); produced by Travel Channel; 60 mins.

  • Summary: In this episode, Andrew Zimmern (well known chef and food writer) meets the Chow family in Clarksdale, MIssissippi and talks about the blending of Chinese and "Southern" cuisines.

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